Giant buchteln


The “buchtel” came from Bohemian to Austria during the period of the imperial monarchy. It is a delicious yeast-based pastry, baked in the oven and filled with lovely apricot jam and served with hot custard...a perfect pleasure!

The first buchtels were first baked 40 years ago in the ovens of the “Gasthaus zur Sonne” in Wenigzell. Similar to those made at home at the farmhouse by Maria Fürntrath, the “brand new” landlady, the first buchtels were rather small. But the buchtels soon became larger and the “Gasthaus zur Sonne” was named the “Buchtelbar” by enthusiastic guests and achieved fame far beyond Styria.

The Buchtelbar is run today in the second generation by Jolande Sedlak. The family inn is a popular destination for sociable excursions and offers the perfect ambiance for festivities.


You can also enjoy the holiday community of Wenigzell with a cosy cup of coffee and the famous homemade giant buchtels!





Gasthaus Buchtelbar
A-8254 Wenigzell, Pittermann 99

Tel: +43 (0) 3336 / 2223